Speed Queen® Laundromat

Large Washers, Large Dryers. All New!

All Sizes of Washers

We have 30 NEW Speed Queen® washers in sizes ranging from 20 lb to jumbo 80 lb capacity. 

All our washers are front load and easy to use. Just choose your preferred cycle: 

We do not charge extra for hot water!

Add detergent and softener using the dispenser at the top of the machine. The machine will release it at the appropriate time.

A digital display shows the time remaining, or you can check our app to see when your wash is finished.

Fast, Efficient Dryers

Our LARGE, all NEW Speed Queen® dryers are 50% larger than the typical laundromat dryer, to dry more of your clothes faster.

Our dryers will completely dry most laundry loads in a single, 30 minute cycle. There is no need to keep checking the machine or repeatedly feed it quarters. Just start the machine and relax until your clean, dry laundry is ready!

If you are drying heavy items like comforters, or an extra large load that requires more time, simple add coins before the cycle ends for the desired number of additional minutes. You can also choose a longer cycle time through the Speed Queen® App.

You may notice that our dryers reverse direction throughout the drying cycle! This helps keep items from becoming tangled, meaning that your laundry will dry faster and without lingering damp spots.